#IESPRE2019 7 days just believe in your capabilities…. so revise and go for this exam.

1.dont think about others, toppers,test series, marks, rank,

2. believe if you truly preparing one day definitely you prove…. so 6 JANUARY 2019 first step towards your dream give with full confidence, and and preparation (only your 100% preparation dont compare with others)

3. after 6 JANUARY 2019 you should not blank……. this date will provide lots of answers automatically so go for it.

important for exam next 7 days i will not distribute you 

4.just believe and go my students with single subject also go for exam yes all students just like you no one master so believe you also part of competition.

5. try to avoid negative marking.

6.there will be 10-15% questions definitely from out of your knowledge so upsc definitely put there so don’t worry about those.

7. assertion and reason questions seems easy but maximum students get negative markings there.so read those questions two times and select options properly.

8. final words

nothing more than your good life, good thinking, happy life, just happy, true, and believe on your parents blessings….. they dreaming for you but without you, without your happiness nothing for them, so negative thoughts put aside and give your 100%.

so go for exam 👍👍 with happy mind, and try to gain lots of things in next 7 days and attempt this exam.

best wishes…

so next 7 days dont ask any one what to do…. just do what you can do 👍👍