MODI 2.0 What Students can expect from 2020, 5 trillion economy,National infrastructure pipeline

MODI 2.0 What Students can expect from 2020, 5trillion economy infrastrUCTURE pipeline

MODI 2.0 What Students can expect from 2020, 5 trillion economy,National infrastructure pipeline. Government just launched many schemes for India to move 5 trillion economy, But how this is possible with privatization, or disinvestment and departments restructuring. 

One side government launched planning for 5 trillion economy and recently our financial minister launched national infrastructure pipeline. To achieve the GDP of $5 trillion by 2024-25, India needs to spend about $1.4 trillion (Rs. 100 lakh crore) over these years on infrastructure. In the past decade (FY 2008-17), India invested about $1.1 trillion on infrastructure.

The challenge is to step-up annual infrastructure investment so that lack of infrastructure does not become a binding constraint on the growth of the Indian economy. The Union Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman made a brief statement on the contents of the National Infrastructure Pipeline at a Press Conference. She indicated that Government will examine the recommendations of the Task Force and take action early.

MODI 2.0 What Students can expect from 2020, 5 trillion economy,National infrastructure pipeline

From this they are investing in road, railway, energy, transport, and construction industries. 


Without involvement of youth this is not possible to achieve this and we can expect more and more vacancies in next year’s. But when and how because already they are raising fees in IIT’S reducing scholarship, vacancies moving next and next year. 

In Modi 1.0 government they were focused on research and development that’s why they increased scholarships for researchers more than expected. But now what they are providing power to unique bodies to raise fees.

Even in recent news after merging all railway services they canceled vacancies for Railway from Engineering Services Recruitment and Civil services after exam. This is not fair practice of government because in our knowledge UPSC never done this before.

Now we hoping for good in 2020 and we need really focus on education of students, proper vacancies, good scholarships and involvement of AI, machine learning, Quantum computing without increasing in fees. Fast recruitment process and yes finally transparent recruitment process with time limit. We need students in labs not on roads for fighting for their rights.


Yes students have great power to develop our economy 5 trillion but they need resources without resources how this is possible.

Now students have no option without training no private jobs and without vacancies no government jobs. Now we need strong policies towards saving students future. But don’t worry my students definitely in next year’s we expect more vacancies if government really focused on 5 trillion economy.

So ready for good and be positive. Hopefully government will understand this very soon how education is prime factor for development of nation and economy.