Once you allotted with some project mean now our work to complete how to complete that project or production what ever we making.For example we want to construct a building we need to complete construction with in limit cost and limited time period it varies project to project. We are constructing a building we need to follow some quality principles, standards for making building.

Similar manner what ever we are producing we need to follow some standards and Quality principles. In quality management we have different principles by quality gurus like pdca, pdsa cycles by deming. Quality triology by Juran. Zero defect by phil crosby how to achieve product which have zero defect. Armand given TQM principle mean how to implement quality principles to a company or organisation. Taguchi given concept of robust design by Design of experiments and also given Taguchi loss function. And Bill smith given concept of six sigma mean how to design a product with highest accuracy like in six sigma we are producing 1 million products only 3.4 products may defective this much of accuracy and quality to our production. Also in manufacturing or production we need to follow some standards example we want to export our products internationally then we need to follow some standards that acceptable everywhere. For example ISO (international standard organisation) provides some standards like ISO-9000 for companies is customer orientated company, ISO-14000 company is environment friendly etc. If we are making products for nationally we need to follow our country standards like for India BIS (BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS) and for America ANSI (AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTE) similarly all countries have their own standards by which the represent ISO. So this is from our standards and Quality practices in production part.