As we know ies exam is also known as ESE exam and conducted by UPSC. Here this recruitment under four categories.

1.civil engineering 2.electronics and Telecommunication 3.electrical engineering 4.mechanical engineering


This is three stage exam

1. pre(500 marks)

200 Gs (for gs part just check our classes) +300 technical (this syllabus is same which you studied in your b. tech course just check syllabus below) 

2.mains(600 marks)

300 tech – 1 +300 tech paper 2 this is written exam only technical papers in main exam just check syllabus below 

3.Interview (200 marks ) 

This is personality test just after mains exam 




1. Current  issues  of  national  and  international  importance  relating  to  social,  economic  and  industrial  development 

2. Engineering  Aptitude  covering  Logical  reasoning  and  Analytical  ability 

3.  Engineering  Mathematics  and  Numerical  Analysis 

4. General  Principles  of  Design,  Drawing,  Importance  of  Safety 

5.  Standards  and  Quality  practices  in  production,  construction, maintenance  and  services 

6.  Basics  of  Energy  and  Environment:  Conservation,  environmental  pollution  and  degradation, Climate  Change,  Environmental  impact  assessment

  7.  Basics  of  Project  Management

 8.  Basics  of  Material  Science  and Engineering 

9.  Information  and  Communication  Technologies  (ICT)  based  tools  and  their  applications  in  Engineering  such  as networking,  e‐governance  and  technology  based  education. 

10.  Ethics  and  values  in  Engineering  profession.   

Note:  The  paper  in  General  Studies  and  Engineering  Aptitude  will  include  Knowledge  of  relevant  topics  as  may  be  expected from  an  engineering  graduate,  without  special  study.  Questions  from  all  the  10  topics  mentioned  above  shall  be  set.  Marks for  each Topic  may  range  from  5%  to 15%  of  the total  marks  in  the  paper.

For GS part all subjects we covered Dont worry for GS after watching our videos and notes all subjects are going to easy for you 👍 just check our website or youtube channel for more details


Technical syllabus

1.civil engineering

2. Mechanical engineering

3. electrical engineering

4.Electronics and Telecommunication