#24 DAYS REMAINING FOR EXAMjust go for exam 👍👍 do not stop or not think about next year preparation. just go through gs fundamentals, technical last year papers is very much sufficient and then revision.we know cuttof is again 60-65% maximum so you don’t need 100% so be cool and prepare till last and in revision if some questions you dont know then don’t be panic prepare remaining because you dont need 100% marks.so now for GS revise all youtube videos and practice questions and join gs community read there all concepts 👍👍and for tech see all formulas, theory and last year papers.just done this… and don’t think about selection, mark’s, seat, rank all are now useless just only one thing I will give my 100% next 24 days.officer’s boost your preparation now its time to take extra edge 👍👍👍👍go for it tomorrow never comes start now.


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